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Our Shade System

This product is a synthetic shade fabric that is strapped to the top of a Recreational Vehicle (RV). The fabric contains sleeves that hold elastic rods that bend to form a round, curvature top. The fabric is secured with two straps on both ends of the RV and one strap on each middle section of the RV. The straps are wrapped around structural members of the RV so that no fasteners are mounted to your RV. Therefore no holes are drilled in your RV and no mounting brackets are required. This also means that no tools are required for installation and no assembly is required for the product.

This product provides 95% Ultraviolet (UV) protection to the top of your RV to include caulking and plastic vent covers. This product uses a strong, HDPE fabric that won't rot or absorb moisture for over 10 years. It is made from monofilament yarn and tape that features a unique lock-stitch pattern to provide a stable fabric and excellent levels of UV block.

Energy Savings

Electrical Power Demand Studies were performed with the use of high-quality, microprocessor power recorders (AEMC Model 3945). The studies were performed by Power Engineering Services, Inc. which is a Registered Firm of the Texas State Board of Professional Engineers. 

The electrical power demand was recorded for the RV without any protection from the sunlight and then again with the RV Rooftop Shade System installed on the RV. The recordings were made on days with identical temperature and weather conditions. The RV was also kept at identical conditions. 

The air conditioner was particularly monitored for cycling by measuring the increased electrical current flow when the air conditioner was running compared to when it was off. It was noted from the studies that the air conditioner ran significantly less time when the RV Rooftop Shade System was installed. What was particularly interesting was the increased benefit as the daylight hours were ending and the night-time hours began. Apparently when the RV does not have any shade it stores the heat in the roof and the heat remains even during the night-time hours. It was noted that from 7:00pm in the evening until 12:00AM midnight that the air conditioner ran for a total of two hours without any shade during the day but ran for only 20 minutes when the RV was installed with the Rooftop Shade System. 

Less AC run-time = Less power usage = Less monthly utility costs

Thermographic Infrared Scans

Thermographic Infrared Scans were performed to the top of the RV in order to determine actual temperature differences between the shaded RV top and the top exposed to direct sunlight. The scans were performed with a high-quality, microprocessor infrared camera (FLIR). The scans were performed by Power Engineering Services, Inc. which is an Accredited, Full-Member Company of the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). The work was performed by Level III Certified Technicians.

Infrared images were taken on the rooftop of the RV during a hot Texas summer afternoon. Infrared images identify heat instead of natural light. The heat is visually represented by colors (blue is cool and red is hot). The temperature scale is shown on the image for reference. The temperature at one particular point can be determined with the cross-hairs of the scope.

Two infrared images were taken. One image focused the cross-hair scope at a point outside of the shaded area and identified the surface temperature as 123 degrees F. Another image focused the cross-hair scope at a point under the shaded area and identified the surface temperature as 92.7 degrees F. It is easy to see the temperature difference of the RV rooftop with the "Shade RV" installed. A natural light picture was also taken in order to show the location of the infrared images.

Temperature Under Shade RV

Temperature Outside Shade RV

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