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"Last night 5/12/2021, in McAllen, Texas, our 33 ft shade on our 41 ft fifth wheel took a 60-70 mph wind along with rain without any damage to the shade or to the RV. Awesome product, so glad we purchased it!"

-Oscar & Laura



"I received my shade last week and was able to easily install by myself in about 30 minutes on my 40’ class A. I am amazed at the difference it makes. We do not have any shade in our current site. Normally, once the outside temp hits around 65, the interior heats up quickly and we are forced to run the AC. Today it is 84 outside, and we still haven’t turned on the AC! Since we have metered electricity at our site, I’m sure the ShadeRV will eventually more than pay for itself! GREAT PRODUCT!!"

-Roland G.



"I am very happy with this product. It looking and does the job as advertised. The customer service group "TC" is outstanding. He helped us though some issues and guided us in the install. I am 65 living in Tennessee and the install was very easy.. This company stands behind their product totally.. Thank you Shade RV so very much."




"The amount of UV protection SHADE RV offers is remarkable! My Husband and I enthusiastically endorse Shade RV. There is nothing else like it in California and we tell all of our friends about it because we are so pleased with the overall product. It even muffles the sound of rain! We normally can't sleep through a rainstorm, but not anymore thanks to Shade RV!"




"Quality is top notch. Really easy to install and secure, took less than an hour. AC units run less often. RV next to me was so impressed, they bought one."



"We live in a park in our 2020 42’ Montana 3813 fifth wheel in sunny southern CA with no trees around us to provide any shade. It took about an hour to install and adjust to my liking, including getting all of the slide-out and top straps hooked up.

I wanted to wait for a warm day to post a review with some relevant details. According to my thermometers inside and out, it got to a warm 93 degrees outside today, while the inside (main living/kitchen area) stayed at a reasonable 75 with just one of two 15,000 BTU air conditioners (non-ducted) running most of the day (8-5), sunrise 5:40am, sunset 7:50pm). If we wanted it cooler, it only took about 10 minutes for a second A/C (ducted) to bring the temperature down to 72.

Before, without the shade, we’d be lucky to keep the coach at 75 with both A/C’s running all day in similar conditions. Just after we purchased the coach, I asked a RV tech why it seemed like the A/C’s weren’t working very well. He explained that with the sun hitting the roof directly, that also heats up the Styrofoam used to insulate the roof, and most RV manufacturers just cut “channels” in the Styrofoam to act as “ducts”. So it takes time for the A/C to cool off the “duct” to a point where you’ll start to get cool (not cold) air from the vents. With the shade over the roof, the sun can no longer hit the roof, thereby allowing the A/C to work less to cool off the ducts and put out some cold air.

We have also had some good winds around here, gusts 15-20 mph, and I don’t think the shade has moved at all. This is a great product with fantastic customer service and support."


-David G.



"Needed a size smaller than they list and emailed them about it. They informed me that could make it to my needs. Got it and it was easy to put on and definitely helps in cooling our travel trailer faster."




"I'm a travel Nurse in live in a 2021 Montana 377fl. At the time I was staying in Kansas. Being in the middle of a field with no shade, it made it difficult to keep the camper cool. With the Shade RV, I could maintain my camper at the desired temp, even on days that were a 100+ temp, the camper still held the desired temp within one to two degrees! Also this thing holds up great in storms. I've had several bad storms with winds around 80mph and the canopy didn't budge. I was very impressed. As far as setup, it is very simple and the website provides great detailed instructions and even a video. Definitely would be easier to do with two people so the one person doesn't have to get up and down the RV, but again it is still pretty easy to do for one person. Highly recommend this product."




"Sorry for the delay in posting. Received our 36' system and although I am 68 years old and not as stable as I once was, I installed the system by my self in a couple of hours.( would recommend a helper ). Our weather has been consistently in the mid 90s here in Georgia and so far using AC units less, Coming up on time to pay the power bill, so we will see how that worked out. We also recently went through tropical storm Elsa with moderate winds and all is well. Thanks Ron."

-Ronald B.

Our Product

Shade RV provides 95% Ultraviolet (UV) protection to the top of your RV to include caulking and plastic vent covers. This product uses a strong, HDPE fabric that won't rot or absorb moisture. It is made from monofilament yarn and tape that features a unique lock-stitch pattern to provide a stable fabric and excellent levels of UV protection.









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"What we really like about our Shade RV is that it cuts our air conditioning costs through the summer here in Texas anywhere from 30 to 35 percent."

"On Tuesday July 17, 2018 at 1:47pm I took the temperature on the roof of my RV

Rear on exposed rubber: 157.8 F 

Rear 2ft under the canopy: 114.3 F

Front on exposed rubber: 149.7 F 

Front 18in under the canopy: 110.02 F

The outside temperature was only 98 F."






If you're looking to keep your Airstream cool look no further! Shade RV has you covered!


Price Estimate:

This is a rough estimate based on the length of your RV, however when ordering you will be instructed to measure your RV specifically for our product. So you may end up paying more or less than this estimate. If your RV is measuring 44ft or larger please contact us for a price estimate.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

20ft or less...........$890 + tax

21ft to 24ft............$940 + tax

25ft to 29ft............$990 + tax

30ft to 34ft.............$1040 + tax
35ft to 39ft..............$1140 + tax
40ft...........................$1190 + tax
41ft...........................$1290 + tax

42ft...........................$1390 + tax

43ft...........................$1490 + tax
44ft...........................$1590 + tax

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